Water Main Services in Shreveport, LA

Does your whole house have poor water pressure? Experiencing chronic problems with clogged lines? These symptoms and more might indicate the need for water main service. If that's the case, don't worry-you can depend on Perot Plumbing, LLC. Homeowners throughout Shreveport, LA can vouch for our capabilities, especially when it comes to water main service. We take a big plumbing problem and make it easy on you, so you can get back to using your water with confidence.

Water Main Service

The most common issue with a water main (also called a lateral) is a crack or break in the line. Leaks cause loss of pressure, water damage to your property and, if they occur in the home, they can lead to mold or mildew damage.

If you notice a drop in water pressure or your water bill is astronomical, or you're getting water that's contaminated, call us right away for water main service. We've fixed mains throughout Shreveport, LA and we know the signs. We can scope your line to figure out where the crack is and have it patched. We're also able to remove obstructions and foreign debris that may be causing flow issues.

Main Line Replacement

In older homes, water supply line repair may not be possible. Old lines can become so damaged that they need to be fully replaced. If your line has collapsed or is subject to major damages, give us a call to have a replacement line estimated. We're fully equipped to handle line replacements, including trenching and removal of your old water main.

Need Water Main Repair?

Water main problems won't go away on their own-in fact, they'll get worse. Text Perot Plumbing, LLC before they do. We'll scope your main line to figure out what the problem is, and either repair or replace the line to get your water flowing smoothly again. Contact us today and see why Shreveport, LA area homeowners call us to handle the big problems!