Sewer Line Repair & Cleaning in Shreveport, LA

The last thing any Shreveport, LA homeowner wants is a leaky sewer line or one that's venting sewer gasses back into your home. It's more than just a gross prospect-it's a dangerous one. Contact Perot Plumbing, LLC to deal with your sewer line issues and know that you're getting reliable service from plumbing experts who care about the safety of your home. We come equipped to handle any sewer line problem you're faced with.

Sewer Line Repair

When water goes down the drain, that's the last you want to see of it. Unfortunately, if your sewer line is damaged, your drains are going to give you problems. Leaky sewer lines smell bad and cause damage to your home's foundation. If your line has a problem, there's no time to waste in calling us for sewer line repair. We'll find the breakage, leak or erosion in your line and get it replaced so you can get back to using your plumbing.

Sewer Line Replacement

The ground in Shreveport, LA is known to sink and settle with time. This causes sewer lines to sag and eventually break. The older your lines, the likelier it is that you'll need sewer line replacement. Call us to have your line trenched out, removed and a new one installed. If you see standing water on your property or have backflow issues in your home, it's your sign to call us!

Line Jetting

Tree roots are often a culprit in sewer line obstruction, along with foreign objects that get flushed down the toilet or dropped into drains. When it comes to removing tree roots and calcifications in your sewer line jetting does the trick. It's a safe, effective way to clear your lines and get them working again properly.

We Keep Your Lines Reliable

Whether it's a simple jetting to clear the line or complete line replacement to keep your home's drains flowing smoothly, Perot Plumbing, LLC provides the sewer cleaning & repair you need. Text us today if you smell strange odors coming from your plumbing or suspect a problem down-line in your drains.