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Warning Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair or Replacement

January 17, 2020

When your plumbing and sewer lines are working as they should, you probably give very little thought to their operation. However, the second there is something wrong with your sewer line, there will be several warning signs to let you know that you need to take action right away. Follow along with this guide to learn about some of the indicators that will alert you when it’s time for sewer line repair service in Shreveport, LA: Sewage backup: Slow drains and plumbing backups can come from a number of different sources, but if all of the lines have been cleared... View Article

Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

July 31, 2019

Most of the time, your main sewer line does its job without any effort on your part. But when there’s a problem, you need to have it addressed as soon as possible. You might be wondering about what constitutes normal, everyday issues for sewer lines, and what involves calling a plumbing expert. The next time you need help with a sewer line in Shreveport, LA, call the team at Perot Plumbing, LLC. The community has trusted us with all its plumbing needs for more than 25 years. Read on to find out the most common indicators of a sewer line... View Article

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