Water & Sewer Line Camera Inspections in Shreveport, LA

Many plumbing problems happen out of sight, deep within the lines leading to and from your home. To deliver reliable plumbing solutions to our Shreveport, LA homeowners, Perot Plumbing, LLC takes uses video inspection equipment. This special equipment gives us a real-time look deep into your lines, so we can see breaks, blockages, debris, buildups and anything else causing you grief.

Drain Line Inspections

Water line problems can be hard to diagnose-especially if the symptoms are inconsistent or hard to discern. We use water line video camera inspections to scope the depths of your plumbing system. A real-time feed allows us to see exactly what's causing the trouble and helps us give an accurate estimate of what it'll cost to fix it. Shreveport, LA homeowners are able to see for themselves exactly what the issue is in real time.

Often, we're able to accomplish repairs quicker and at a lower cost than competitors because we know exactly what we're dealing with!

Sewer Line Inspections

Problems in your sewer line can be mysterious. Is it a buildup or blockage deep within the line? Is there a tree root intrusion? Has a section of pipe collapsed? Sewer line video camera inspections tell us everything we need to know about the issue at-hand. We know what we're dealing with and can take the smartest course of action to correct it. Using a real-time feed to probe your sewer line allows us to get to work quicker and with more confidence, since we know what we're dealing with!

We'll Get Eyes on the Problem

Persistent plumbing problems giving you grief? Contact Perot Plumbing, LLC today to learn more about our water and sewer line video camera inspections. We can schedule an appointment at a time that works for you, to shed a little light about the condition of your plumbing and whatever's causing you headaches.