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Four Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain

January 31, 2020

From all of the different types of food matter your kitchen drain encounters to the various body oils and layers of dead skin that make their way into your bathroom sink and bathtub, keeping the drains in your home clear is not an easy task. If drain clogging in Shreveport, LA becomes an issue in your home, however, the condition of your entire plumbing system might eventually be compromised, making the importance of keeping drains clear even more pressing. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ease the stress your drains have to withstand, and one of... View Article

Warning Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair or Replacement

January 17, 2020

When your plumbing and sewer lines are working as they should, you probably give very little thought to their operation. However, the second there is something wrong with your sewer line, there will be several warning signs to let you know that you need to take action right away. Follow along with this guide to learn about some of the indicators that will alert you when it’s time for sewer line repair service in Shreveport, LA: Sewage backup: Slow drains and plumbing backups can come from a number of different sources, but if all of the lines have been cleared... View Article

Plumbing Resolutions for the New Year Ahead

January 1, 2020

With the start of the new year right around the corner, lots of people are thinking about resolutions. Most resolutions have to do with health, wellness and personal development, but there are some others that are worth considering. A New Year’s plumbing resolution in Shreveport, LA can improve the performance, efficiency and longevity of your plumbing system, resulting in long-term cost savings and improved operation. There are several things you can do to keep your plumbing system healthier in the New Year. Here are a few of the best plumbing system resolutions for homeowners to adopt: Reduce water usage: Cutting... View Article

Warning Signs That There Might Be a Gas Leak in Your Home

December 18, 2019

Millions of homeowners use natural gas for heat, cooking and powering appliances. While natural gas offers a lot of great benefits for homeowners, there are also some risks that must be considered. Natural gas leaks create unsafe conditions inside homes and lead to a lot of different problems. With this in mind, there are several possible gas leak signs in Shreveport, LA that homeowners must keep an eye out for to reduce the risks associated with them. Common signs of gas leaks Gas leaks can cause serious safety issues, including heightened fire risk. Even a small natural gas leak can... View Article

Common Winter Water Heater Issues in Shreveport, LA

December 2, 2019

Water heaters are essential when it comes to operating appliances, bathing, doing dishes and more, but there are unfortunately a lot of potential winter water heater issues in Shreveport, LA. You don’t want to get stuck with a malfunctioning water heater in the middle of winter, so it’s important to invest in regular water heater maintenance and be proactive about handling any necessary repairs. Thankfully, it’s possible to fix winter water heater issues by addressing the root of the issue and making any needed repairs before things get worse. After turning on the hot water in a shower, faucet or... View Article