Six Ways Hot Weather Affects Your Plumbing

Six Ways Hot Weather Affects Your Plumbing

June 9, 2020

Summer places new pressures on your plumbing, especially here in Shreveport, LA. Many homeowners believe they are free of plumbing problems because they often associate extreme cold with those issues. In reality, hot weather plumbing issues are just as serious and need consideration so you prevent them. Here are six ways summer temperatures affect plumbing:

  • Pipe breaches: As the ground dries, it places more pressure on the pipes underground. The same conditions lead to your house settling, which adds to the pressure. This increases the possibility of pipe leakage worsening until your water main fails. If your plumbing is older, it is more likely to succumb to this pressure and eventually lead to leaks and failures.
  • Lightning storms: Summer produces the perfect conditions for severe thunder and lightning storms. Besides leading to heavy rainfall that may overwhelm sewer and septic systems, storms also affect pipes. When lightning hits the ground, it will ground to any copper pipes currently used by your home or business. Pipes acting as a lightning rod one too many times may wear out, leak and perhaps burst. Look out for water surfacing in your yard after storms, and if you experience a spike in your water bill, it is likely due to a leak either from ground pressure or storms.
  • UV damage: If you have exposed pipes, they are vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. Over time, this will damage them. Your best course of action is to cover exposed pipes with insulation. While this is often associated with preventing frozen water lines in the winter, it also adds protection in summertime.
  • Clogged toilets: You may have noticed this plumbing issue as more people in Shreveport, LA are home due to COVID-19. More people in the house means more bathroom trips, and toilets may work overtime. When children are home from school, this also increases the pressure and demand. Your best solution is to encourage flushing of nothing but waste and toilet paper. That is particularly essential when you have a septic system. If you experience slow flushing or backflow, call a plumber immediately.
  • Expanding pipes: As pipes warm up, they expand. If temperatures increase to the extremes, they can expand and burst. This is often surprising to many people because again, burst pipes are often associated with freezing temperatures, not hot ones. Just as if you had a water line freeze and burst, any pipes damaged from expanding need to be replaced immediately.
  • Low water pressure: If your shower reduces to a mere trickle of water, you have summer temperatures to blame. There are many reasons for low pressure in the summer, including pipe expansion and more water used for filling pools, watering plants or simply having more people in your home taking showers and flushing toilets. This issue often resolves itself as water use decreases. However, if it continues and you cannot find an obvious reason for it, call a plumber.

Perot Plumbing, LLC offers 18 years of experience to address your pesky hot weather plumbing issues. Contact us today for an appointment if plumbing problems arise in your Shreveport, LA home or business.

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