How You Can Make Conservation a Priority When Watering Your Lawn

How You Can Make Conservation a Priority When Watering Your Lawn

August 16, 2019

While it’s necessary to make sure that your grass receives all of the water it needs to stay healthy and attractive, water conservation in Shreveport, LA is also an important factor to keep in mind. This can often seem like you’re trying to perform a delicate balancing act. Fortunately, local plumbing experts are here with several lawn watering tips to help you keep your grass healthy and bounteous, and conserve water while doing so.

How much water does your grass really need?

Grass that has deep, established roots doesn’t need as much water as you might think. In fact, once established, your lawn can actually go days without any water at all. In order to minimize the amount of water the grass needs, you can train your lawn over time to continue to grow and remain healthy with as little water as possible using a few of these water conservation tips:

  • Find the right amount: In order to train your grass so that it eventually needs to be watered less and less frequently, you must water the grass deeply, typically to a depth of between eight to 10 inches into the soil.
  • When to water: Mornings are the best time to water your grass, as up to 30 percent of the water that is applied during the day could be wasted if the heat causes it to evaporate before it can be taken in.
  • Sprinkler positioning: Be purposeful with the placement of your sprinklers, and make sure to keep them trained on the areas you need them, rather than on the sidewalk or the street. In addition, make sure you use timed sprinklers and adjust them so that no more than the recommended total of one inch of water is applied throughout the course of the week. This can be done by investing in an automated system with a sensor that shuts your sprinklers off when it’s raining and detects when the lawn is being overwatered.
  • Use mulch: Mulching your lawn clippings back into your grass can also go a long way in aiding your water conservation efforts. Mulch retains moisture and allows water to reach the roots of your grass, minimizing the amount of water you have to use overall. With fall right around the corner, you can start your own mulch or compost pile using the decomposing leaves that you collect during the season.

Reducing the amount of water you use each week while also cultivating a healthy and attractive lawn is the ultimate goal, and our team at Perot Plumbing, LLC can help you do just that. We understand the importance of water conservation in Shreveport, LA, and our experienced, licensed plumbing experts can work with you to upgrade your plumbing system so that it will be more effective in helping you accomplish this goal. To learn more about the water conservation options that are available to you, make sure you give us a call to learn more about our services. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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