Follow These Vacation Plumbing Maintenance Tips in Shreveport, LA to Avoid Disaster While You're Away

Follow These Vacation Plumbing Maintenance Tips in Shreveport, LA to Avoid Disaster While You’re Away

August 30, 2019

Going on a vacation is something that everyone looks forward to, but those who own homes are likely always worrying at least a little bit about the state of their house while they’re gone. Plumbing emergencies are never fun to deal with, but they are especially troublesome if they occur while you are away. Fortunately, your local plumbing specialists are here with a few vacation plumbing maintenance tips in Shreveport, LA that can help you avoid coming home to a disaster.

Find a house-sitter

It is always a good idea to arrange for someone to keep an eye on your home while you’re out of town. Having someone watch your house is the best way to stay in the loop about any plumbing issues that might occur while you’re gone, guaranteeing that, at the very least, you will be informed of any emergencies that may arise. Make sure to leave your plumber’s emergency number so that in the event that something does happen while you are out, your house-sitter is able to keep the situation under control until you return.

Shut off the main water valve

You might be surprised at how quickly a small drip or leak can add up on your water bill. If you don’t have a house-sitter lined up, ensure that none of your faucets are dripping before you leave, and turn off the main water supply and disconnect the hoses just to be safe. You should also make sure that the washing machine valve is off while you’re gone. If your house-sitter will be watering the lawn while you are gone, you can still shut off the water valve that goes into your house, and leave the outside water supply available for your sprinkler or hose.

Prevent flooding

To prevent the risk of flooding, it’s a good idea to have a plumber come out to conduct a routine inspection of your plumbing system and check on your sump pump to make sure it’s in good working condition. Before you leave, you might also consider draining the water heater and shutting it off completely if you will be away for an extended period of time.

If you are someone who travels frequently, it may be smart to invest in a water security system. These systems are designed to prevent plumbing disasters and water damage by tracking your water usage and shutting off the main water supply when a leak or any other abnormal behavior is detected.

Following these vacation plumbing maintenance tips in Shreveport, LA to protect your home will give you the peace of mind you need when you are away. Whether you’re in need of a precautionary inspection to help you avoid a disaster while you’re gone or you’ve found yourself right in the middle of a plumbing emergency upon your return, our team at Perot Plumbing, LLC is always ready to help. To truly enjoy your vacation the way you deserve, make sure you give us a call today to schedule a quick plumbing inspection!

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