Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

July 31, 2019

Most of the time, your main sewer line does its job without any effort on your part. But when there’s a problem, you need to have it addressed as soon as possible. You might be wondering about what constitutes normal, everyday issues for sewer lines, and what involves calling a plumbing expert.

The next time you need help with a sewer line in Shreveport, LA, call the team at Perot Plumbing, LLC. The community has trusted us with all its plumbing needs for more than 25 years. Read on to find out the most common indicators of a sewer line problem:

  • Frequent clogs: If you have a clog that won’t clear no matter what you do, this could be a sign of a sewer line problem. Other related signs include slow drains and repeated clogs in the same line. Sometimes it’s an issue with the specific drain, but repeated clogs mean there’s something else going on.
  • Bad-smelling drains: Noticing a persistent sewage-like smell means there’s a clog somewhere else in the sewer line or main water drain. Another related sign is drains that make gurgling sounds when water flows through them.
  • Water backup: You may have noticed that the sink backs up with water (or even sewage) when you flush the toilet. This could indicate a clog that’s affecting the whole system.
  • Sewage in the basement: This is a very clear sign of a problem with the sewer line. This could be a main drain clog or a sewer line problem. Either way, it’s time to call in the pros.
  • Problems with drains: Have you noticed that every drain isn’t working like it should? For example, maybe you’re experiencing frequent clogs and slow drains. This means there’s probably a clog in the system where multiple drains converge.

Finding the root cause of any of these issues is key to resolving them. There are many possible culprits when it comes to problems with sewer lines. Tree roots may have damaged them. The sewer line may be sagging, broken or corroded and in need of replacement. It’s also possible that debris or grease that has passed through the drain has resulted in a clog elsewhere. The reality is that these problems aren’t going to go away on their own, and calling a professional immediately is recommended.

The next time you think you might have problems with your sewer line in Shreveport, LA, pick up the phone and call Perot Plumbing, LLC. We put quality and affordability above all else, delivering outstanding plumbing solutions to our loyal customers. We do it all when it comes to commercial and residential plumbing, including everything from sewer inspections to water heater repair and drain cleaning services.

Plus, we’re happy to offer free evaluations and provide a warranty on all the work we do. With all our experience in the business, you can rest easy knowing that licensed experts are taking care of the problem. Give us a call right now to find out how we can help you!

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