Six Tips to Avoid a Clogged Drain in the Spring

Six Tips to Avoid a Clogged Drain in the Spring

April 6, 2019

Is there anything more frustrating than a clogged drain? It can put a halt to your entire day! All you want to do is brush your teeth or take a shower and you’re met with bubbling water that’s not going down the drain. So, of course, you have to call a plumber and wait for them to come out. From there, the headaches only get worse (along with the costs).

It’s best to avoid clogs in your plumbing in Shreveport, LA altogether. And, with spring fast approaching, the tips we’re about to share are more important than ever. Spring brings about more clogs because there are more factors working against your plumbing. Here’s what you need to know to avoid pesky clogs:

  • • Strong root growth is one of the primary clog concerns during the spring and summer months. Root intrusion into your plumbing can cause major blockages and a whole lot more. To combat this seasonal problem, make the investment in water jetting at the start of spring. This process blasts through intrusive roots, putting an end to clogs before they start.
  • • Be very careful about what’s going down your drain! Human hair is one of the worst offenders for a clog, so ladies, brush your hair and toss strays in the garbage. Gentlemen, lay down a towel in the sink to catch your beard trimmings! Don’t let hair go down the drain and you’ll avoid one of the biggest causes of clogs.
  • • Install drain screens if you don’t have them already. These handy contraptions will prevent anything unwanted from flowing down into the depths of your drains, where it might get stuck and cause a clog. There are also products out there like “tub shrooms” which are great for trapping items, while still allowing water to flow smoothly down the drain.
  • • Look for any winter damages before spring gets into full swing. If you’ve previously had a frozen section of plumbing or your pipes have been damaged by ice, it may pave the way for blockages and clogs in the future—especially in spring, when water usage is typically higher. Have a plumber repair any damages before your plumbing in Shreveport, LA takes on a higher volume of usage.
  • • Watch for symptoms of developing clogs and get a plumber out to inspect drains. Symptoms to look out for include slow draining, erratic draining rates, burping or gurgling from your drains or backflow of any type. These problems won’t magically go away—they’ll only get worse.
  • • Finally, get a thorough drain cleaning before spring arrives. Think of it as part of the process for prepping your home for spring! When you’re swapping out the screens on your windows or changing your HVAC filters, add cleaning the drains to the list.

No one wants to waste a precious day of great springtime weather by having to wait around for a plumber to come over and fix a clogged drain. Save yourself this frustration by making pre-spring drain cleaning and maintenance a priority.

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